A manufacturing professional with the demonstrated ability to develop and drive solutions that support revenue.


 Mark Dougherty“In his role leading transformation activities as part of wafer operations, Andy demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and flexibility associated with initiating and supporting sustainable and effective change. He has the ability to think openly and analyze problems and situations from a variety of viewpoints in order to fully understand the problem and suggest appropriate solutions. Andy has a firm understanding of how transformation should apply to various work environments, and has demonstrated his ability to effectively interact and communicate with both internal stakeholders and external clients. His involvement in various professional, service, and volunteer organizations and opportunities has allowed him to build and maintain a broad view of his surrounding and community, which he is able to apply to the work environment through effective horizontal thinking.” March 5, 2009

Mark Dougherty, Lean Transformation Manager, IBM

Roger Quon.jgp“Andy mentored and coached my team through a couple of LEAN initiatives to improve business processes. I could not have asked for a better partner in these exercises. Andy’s ability to communicate his tremendous knowledge on these transformation principles resonated with the team. The fast and broad acceptance of LEAN has helped the team in large and small ways. Andy makes an impact.” February 27, 2009

Roger Quon, Manager, Semiconductor Development, IBM

Raminder“Andy is an experienced semiconductor industry expert, who has program managed many teams and successfully engaged with key large customers.” February 3, 2009

Raminderpal Singh, STSM, Semiconductor Analyst; Corporate Marketing, IBM

ChrisCartier“Andy is a highly motivated, highly skilled technical leader in IBM. He has broad technical and business skills. He is highly committed to customer success. He is well skilled working in diverse teams and spawning collaboration amongst diverse groups. Andy easily thinks out-of-the box to create new solutions to intractable problems. Andy is a catch. A great contributor in the current economic environment where the world is flat. Chris” February 2, 2009

Christopher Cartier, Manager Software Technology, IBM